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Is still personal in Latham at AmGeek

Amgeek Shop photo 20160226 2Ever wish that when you called for help with your computer problem that a real person would answer the phone? Perhaps someone who spoke the same language you do? And wouldn't it be great if that person was the same one you spoke with the last time you called?

Hi, my name is Ed Barnat. I have professionally helped 100's of individuals and small businesses acquire, maintain and use over 2000 computers since 1996. Many of my clients consider me to be their "Personal" geek. The kind of "personal" service described above is exactly the kind of "personal" service they enjoy.

I am a "One-man shop". That means that I am the one who answers the phone. I am also the one who fixes the computers. By answering and handling all calls myself I really get to know my clients and their computers. So, I can often solve their problems quickly. Sometimes in as little as 15 minutes - or less!

I Make Personal Computer Support Easy

Remote Support Specialist

Amgeek Shop photo 20160226 sEasy and convenient live local Windows computer repair and support in shop in Latham and anywhere over the web.

While heavily infected or physically defective computers still have to come into the shop, I fix most of the computers I work on remotly. Be it for a quick question or a complete “Clean and Tune”,  you call, we connect and the repairs or assistance takes place right over the internet. Neither you, your computer or I every leave our respective buildings.

If your computer ever does have to come in folks near Latham can drive right up to my door. I'll even come out and carry it in. If you are not near Latham then I will work with you to find a good source for the “Hands On” repairs in your area.


 Serving the World From Latham NY

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 OK, "the world" is a bit of a stretch. So far none of the 100's of folks I help are outside the continental United States but "world wide" could happen. I can help any one any place there is a good Internet connection. My only limit is the magic of the "Information Super Highway", which as you can see, passes right through Latham.


Currently Remotely Helping Clients

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