Thunderbird and Verizon Happy Together

Verizon email woes 1885 2015 09 12 3

Albany 12205:  Remote computer support solves printer compatibility, removes virus and malware and, during clean and tune, gets Thunderbird working with Verizon.

The computer would not turn on. When it had, pictures sent to the printer generated “incompatible” error messages and knitting patterns did not see Adobe Acrobat – even though it was installed. This frustrated computer owner was starting to be tempted by the thousand dollar plus “Old Folks Computer” advertised in the weekly Parade Magazine even though it was less capable than and cost more than the Windows 8 Asus laptop they owned.

In less than an hour I had talked her through getting the computer restarted and back on-line. Once I was able to see their screen I guided them through printing the e-mail pictures and knitting patters in question (they were choosing the wrong printer), and discovered a loose connection on and an incorrect setting for the second monitor.

Finally, noticed tell tale signs of a malware infection which I then took care of with a standard clean and tune which removed over 300 malware and virus. Along the way, I was even able to get Thunderbird and Verizon-net-Email to play nicely together. That was a big improvement over the existing Verizon web based mail they had been using because that was not playing nicely even by itself.

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