Internet Scam Stopped in Mechanicville

fraud victim 2 

Mechanicville 12118 : Remote computer support cleans, tunes and helps recoup loss for Internet scam victim.

Late one night as the infirmed retiree sat at her trusted computer researching the family's genealogy, a blue and white screen flashed on the monitor warning of imminent disaster if she did not call an 800 numbered affiliate of Microsoft. Before she know it, she was out over $250, some very unscrupulous charters had her credit card information and she was having real problems using her computer.

This story is repeated many times a day across the country. Mostly, as far as I can see, to elderly computer users. I am convinced these slimy S.O.Bs are using the AARP membership roster as their “prospecting” list.

Fortunately, when her home health aid came the next morning, they called, got me logged in and before the day was done, I had repaired and secured her computer and urged her to contact her bank and cancel her current credit card. She did and they not only issued a new card but stopped payment as well.

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