Thunderbird Roadrunner Email Issues

rr password issue 1730 2015 09 16 2

Latham 12110:  Thunderbird Roadrunner email server password issue resolved with remote computer support.

It had been working flawlessly for months and then all of a sudden, out of the blue, for no apparent reason “Error with account did not succeed. Mail server responded: invalid user name and password.

I logged in remotely and check a few settings in Thunderbird. Everything looked OK. Further questioning the client revealed that he had been getting “disk full” errors (not related and totally in error) so had done some deleting and defragmenting (both dangerous and unnecessary) prior to the pop error message appearing.

Turned out that for some reason Thunderbird had forgotten his password – and so had he! He was trying to use the wrong one. Fortunately because he is a regular and long time client of mine I had a record of it from a previous call and once applied the email functioned without error.

While connected I showed him (again) how to quickly empty the trash and close multiple open tabs in Thunderbird. It all took less than ½ hour so the charge was 27.50 plus tax.


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