PC Accelerate, ReImage and More

PC accelerate Reimage attack

Latham 12110: Remote support rescues new laptop from double whammy malware attack and more $110. 

PC Accelerate and ReImage ganged up on this 6 month old high end laptop and brought it to its knees. Seems the owner, or a guest, let something in, “FindingDiscount” is my guess, and then others like “PCAcceleratePro”, “Instant Support” and “TunePro 360” followed it in. Before they knew it they couldn't close the windows fast enough to get back to the desktop.

Fortunately the owner called for help quickly. This is one of “my computers”, I monitor it, so it was otherwise in pretty good shape and I was able to easily gain access. Soon these crooks, at least one rootkit and over 2000 odd pieces of malware had been removed. $110. plus tax.

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