Windows 10 Upgrade Saved

windows 10 upgrade saved by remote support

East Longmeadow 01028 : Remote save of troubled Windows 10 upgrade. 

No start menu, no search and several display issues after client's fear of Windows 10 default options had her un-checking all the boxes during install on already troubled Windows 7 computer. No need to bring it to the shop. All done over the internet, for only plus tax, including a full clean and tune.

This Windows 7 owner almost trashed her machine trying to work her way through a “custom” upgrade after listening to and mostly believing all of the Windows 10 fear mongering link hunters

Just accept the defaults and worry about fine tuning it later. Honestly folks, I don't think there is that much for the average user to worry about. You, like this client, are more likely to shoot your self in the foot, screw up the install and miss out on any number of benefits Windows 10 is likely to provide.

Other issues (non-Win 10 upgrade) addressed included the active window tracking the mouse movement which made it impossible to move the mouse across the screen without changing the “focus” or top window. It would keep hiding important windows and made the near impossible to access. $165 including full clean and tune.

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