Windows 10 Upgrade Office Issues

slow typing

Latham 12110 : Remote computer support resolves several Windows 10 upgrade issues, investigates AOL slow typing problem and more.

This computer had just been cleaned, tuned and was running better than ever but after a DYI upgrade to Windows 10 the computer was running slower than before. Microsoft Word kept trying to install things every time a document was opened and AOL email could not keep up with the typing on the keyboard.

As it turned out, the Windows 10, Microsoft Office and most of the sluggishness was cured by letting Windows 10 collect a couple of more updates and several restarts. In other words, the upgrade was not done installing yet.

Slow Typers of America On Line

Typing faster than AOL e-mail could display new text, however, had nothing to do with the issues affecting Windows 10. The slow typing response turned out to be an internet connection issue. A speed test of the connection showed a good download speed (17 mbps) but very little upload (½ mbps) speed. Something on this connection (another computer or security video system) was doing massive uploads and “clogging” the outgoing “pipe”.  So, typing on the keyboard was getting stuck in that “pipe” and taking a long time to reach AOL so it could put it in the email and sent back to the monitor for display.    $55.00

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