Nashville Internet Crime Stopped

Nashville Internet Crime Stopped

Nashville 37206 : Remote computer support from Latham stops Internet crime in Nashville.

Internet crime can happen anywhere and can seem to come from anyone. When it does you need support from someone you can trust. Preferably someone you know. Someone like Amgeek.

This long time client now lives, loves and works in Nashville. Still gets personal pc care from Amgeek. Anywhere my clients go the can take me with them. All I need is a working internet connection. And for the times when their computer really need “hands on” attention, I will find a good local independent to handle the job. Its all a part of providing “PERSONAL” tech support.

As for the crime, we have seen this one before (see Internet Crime Stopped in Latham). They break in, cause a problem and trick you into calling them for help.

Fortunately my client was smart enough not to believe that the offers for computer help were from Microsoft (fake BSOD)

fake bsod

Or Adobe (seriously – read this – Adobe is not mentioned. You have to be crazy to download it)

Fake Flash No Adobe here

Or from Comcast.(What, you didn't read the small print at the bottom?)

 fake comcast

Even when repeatedly nagged

fake comcast nag


Clean over 800 malware/virus, tune, upgrade to Windows 10 and more $165 plus tax.

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