New Windows 8 Computer Already Slow: Solved

Windows 8 starting fresh

Mechanicville 12118 : New computer started slowing down as soon as it came home. In shop computer service got it surfing the internet faster than ever and more.

Within weeks of bringing the new computer home they were ready to throw it out. IT WAS SLOOOW. Not sure if it was the malware they had picked up (only 5) or the browser hijack (only 1) or the doggy preinstalled trial Anti-virus (Intel McAfee) which was ready to expire but once they where gone, replaced and the system updated ….zoom, zoom, zoom. Installed a free office suite (LibreOffice 5), Avast Antivirus, and brought back the start button and start menu to the Windows 8 computer for $137.50 plus tax.

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