Internet Robbery Stopped

Internet robbery stopped

Latham 12110 : Remote support thwarts Internet robbery.

It looked like such a minor problem. Just and inconvenience, really. Client was being taken to an “Internet Error” page. Then they got security warnings that they could not easily close. Occasionally this smiley fellow “Gregg” appeared and offered to “help them out”.

I have taken the liberty to add some text to Greg's message. Don't expect him to be that “open” with you. First they infect your computer. Then they offer a cure and you are supposed to trust them to deliver. It is like a burglar breaks in to your home, threatens you, offers you a “Burglar Removal Service” and you not only buy it but hand over all of your keys and passwords.

Prelude to an internet robbery

Standard computer clean and tune repaired browser hijack, cleaned over 300 virus/malware removed and more $165.00 plus tax.

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