Pop-up Madness Cured

Pop up madness latham ny 12110 1

Latham 12110 : Computer repair, in-shop. “I am calling”, she said, “because these pop-ups are driving me CRAZY”! "And," she added, "everything is slow, the printer is quitting, Youtube only shows green screens, the Carbonite password is lost and, oh yes, the hard disk drive has been warning of failure for months". This one had to come into the shop.

I could tell by the “Ask” buttons and “SlimCleaner” icons that her machine was carrying several unwanted “guests” at best. Checked the service file and saw it had been at least 2 years since this 5 year old HP had its last clean and tune.

To top it off the computer was warning of imminent hard drive failure every time it restarted. It also required manual input to get past the warning and finish booting. It was a good thing this remote call was local because the computer had to be brought into the shop for a hard drive replacement. Once in the shop it was backed up, transferred to a new disk drive, the clean and tune completed and the now top shape drive backed up again. Even spent a little time tracing down a missing Carbonite user name and password.

It went home almost 900 malware,virus, rootkits cleaner, tuned, with a new 1 Terabyte hard drive and no loss of data for $243.50, plus tax.

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