Top Computer Tip for 2014

Back it up every day and far away


As we enter 2014 a new form of malware attack is making its way around the Internet. Its name is Cryptolocker. It has me and every tech I know worried. It should worry you too because once it strikes there is no known way to defeat it.

As defined by Wikipedia: “CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan which targets computers running Microsoft Windows. CryptoLocker may come from various sources such a disguised email attachment.”

Top Computer Tip for 2013

Change Your Browser


Want to surf the web faster and  safer?

Here is one tip I have gleaned from many of the computer service calls I performed last year that can help you do just that! Switch your default web browser from Internet Explorer to either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer, often simply called IE, is that "Big Blue E" on your desktop, task bar or program list that you click on to surf or "browse" the Internet. That is why it (IE) is also called a web browser. IE is the default, perhaps only, web browser on Windows based computers, so Internet Explorer is the program that most of us first use to surf the Internet. Since IE is what we learn on (what we know), some of us never use anything else.

I Couldn't Help But Smile.

Maybe it is just me but I can't pass up the occasional good news story, especially when it, in one way or another, gives me a chuckle. Such is the case of the recent report in TG Daily and the November 14th issue of DailyTech that "Spam Plummets as Group is Forced Offline." According to the report worldwide spam had been reduced (at least temporarily) by as much as 70% after just one company, McColo Corp of San Jose, CA, was taken off the net.

End of Internet Near

At least for some

FBI warns many could loose access starting on  July 9th, 2012.

On Monday April 23, 2012  e-mails from clients started flooding my inbox.  Both of them were concerned about an announcement from the FBI forecasting an Internet disruption on July 9.  And both of them wanted to know if they were safe.

They were. Are you?

A Little Good News

With the presidential elections at hand, the stock market tanking and the economy, optimistically, heading for a recession, I hope you are ready for a little good news because I found some!

Ho Ho Dough

A 2 minute Primer for 2010 Computer Shoppers

Christmas is coming
If your wallet's feelin' fat
And your lookin' for a 'puter
Let me tell you where its at

I don't mean to scare you but....

The Koreans are Coming

I really don't want to scare you....No that is not true.... I really do want to scare you....because you need to pay attention to this.