Warning: Windows 10 Scams

OpenDNS at Work

OpenDNS at work shoot 1

Latham 12110: A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with a link to a web page that promises to "Stop Win10 spying ability". My friend's note continued,"I dunno how good this is but I reckon it wont be around LONG if it works like the guy says it does! Ya might wanna put this on BEFORE M$ GETS RID OF THE GUYS PAGE!!"

 Following the link (pxc-coding(dot)com) produced this warning from Open DNS, a free service I install on all of my clients computers. "This domain is blocked due to a phishing threat." Seems it was just another scam to use our paranoia to sucker us in. And ya just know it won't be the last. Be careful out there.

And, oh, M$ or someone, please get rid of "this guy's" (and all the guys like him) page.

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