Windows 10 Arrives

A surprise in your taskbar

WIndows 10 Upgrade Surprise are you ready 


Updated 9/4/15

"Windows 10 will be here sometime this summer", they said. I have known this was coming for a while. 

Surprise! Getting things set up on the bench this morning (6/1/15) and a strange new icon started showing up in the tray on several machines. I almost spilled my coffee when I rolled the mouse over one and saw an invite for Windows 10.

I was hesitant to click on it for fear it would start the Windows 10 upgrade installation. I am not ready yet. I want to get a little vacation in before whatever breaks loose. Thank you, Dane Vore, for bravely forging ahead and discovering it is just an invitation to participate in the whenever launch. Since Dane made it without incident I decided to work through the sideshow. Looked pretty good until I got to the last one which says, "It is free. It is easy. No worries."

What could go “worng”?


Windows 10 upgrade free and easy

I have not had a chance to check out Windows 10 yet but will try to keep you posted when I do. For now, sign up at your own risk. There is no hurry, the "Free" upgrade will be here for at least a year. If you are currently having trouble with your computer keep in mind that this is an “Upgrade” not a repair. My experience with upgrades in the past has been that if you are having trouble with your machine now, and don't get it straightened out before you apply the upgrade, it will often get worse later.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure your machine is clean and virus free.
  • Updates done.
  • Enough disk space.
  • Make and verify backups of your system and data just before the big day.
  • Don't rely on the battery – keep it plugged in.
  • Think good thoughts.
  • Allow lots of time – no rushing!
  • Let me know what happens if you get there first.

Now, where did I leave that coffee?

Update 9/4/15

I am still advising folks to wait a while longer before doing the upgrade. Probalby looking at a Novemerish target date. I am seeing frequent updates from Microsoft and hear rumors of a major one comming in October. 

While you are waiting do keep your current software updated see:  When Windows 10 is Ready But You Are Not

Windows 10 is working fairly well for most of us most of the time but there are issues ESPECIALLY for computers that are in less than TIP TOP shape bhen the upgrade is applied. I cannot stress strongly enough that this is an UPGRADE not a REPAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it ain't right now FIX IT BEFORE upgrading.