I Couldn't Help But Smile.



Maybe it is just me but I can't pass up the occasional good news story, especially when it, in one way or another, gives me a chuckle. Such is the case of the recent report in TG Daily and the November 14th issue of DailyTech that "Spam Plummets as Group is Forced Offline."

According to the report worldwide spam had been reduced (at least temporarily) by as much as 70% after just one company, McColo Corp of San Jose, CA, was taken off the net.


One Company Did All That

I was amazed to learn that just one company could be responsible for most all of the spam we get. The news of their demise alone would have been enough to brighten my day, and I hope yours as well, but it was a comment posted to the article that made this one a winner for me.

Thank you MrBlasterman, whoever you are. Here is his comment:



The words muttered to Iolo ring true to this day. Good bye my faithful spammers, I lament ye passing.

I shed a tear in your remembrance, for ye's daily comment no longer tickles mine eyes. Woe is ye absence, for I miss thy beautiful imagery. Gone are the beautful women, the aids to strengthen my lance, potions to give my thrusting even more might.

Oh, how dost I recover from this dreadful news. What shall I do to abide my time? It is as if my best friend, who faithfully rang me ever day has perished. Thou shalt be remembered, like a chamber pot once empty that is quickly tossed into the street. For a fleeting moment you tickle me as the patron on the road below gets a "heads up."

...and that is all. As you roll into the gutters and down the drain, my pot is now empty and ready for new beginnings.

Good bye spammers. Please don't return any time soon.

They'll Be Baaaack

Fear not MrBlasterman, they (or some other slimeball SOB) will be back. Why just today I found a note in my inbox that I had apparently (and unknowingly) sent myself about a Dr. McDonough's extolling and peddling the virtues and values of several of these said same wonder drugs.

I hope I didn't send it to you too.