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I have been having this conversation with my clients quite a bit over the past several months. So, one more time RUN! RUN! RUN!
And oh yes, don't forget to change ALLLLLLLLL of your passwords. Good time to learn to use Keepass. If I have worked on your computer you already have it.

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Seeing Spots on Windows 10 Touchscreen

Small translucent circles and dots started showing up on a Windows 10 laptop's touchscreen. The longer the machine was on the more of them there were. Spent over an hour checking for virus, driver and hardware issues. Eventually gave up thinking it was a bad screen. A couple of days later got a call from its owner saying he had solved the problems. Seems the tape he put over the webcam lens to keep spys out might have been touching the touchscreen. He took off the tape and the spots are gone.

No peaking ;)

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When Windows 10 is Ready But You Are Not

Windows 10 is ready

Nag, nag, nag. Windows 10 is ready but you are not ready to make the move just yet. What should you do until you are? 

Quick Fix For Frozen Microsoft Solitaire

Don't ya just hate it when Microsoft Solitaire crashes in the middle of a game or worse when it freezes before it even gets loaded. Well, you are not alone. Here is a quick way to give it a swift kick and get it up and running again.

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Warning: Windows 10 Scams

OpenDNS at Work

OpenDNS at work shoot 1

Latham 12110: A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with a link to a web page that promises to "Stop Win10 spying ability". My friend's note continued,"I dunno how good this is but I reckon it wont be around LONG if it works like the guy says it does! Ya might wanna put this on BEFORE M$ GETS RID OF THE GUYS PAGE!!"

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Yahoo AOL Drudge Weather and Others Infecting Computers

Yahoo Logo Purple 767x349

What do EBAY, Yahoo, AOL, and have in common? If you have visited any of them recently they may have infected your computer.

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Windows 10 Arrives

A Surprise in Your Taskbar

Updated 9/4/15

"Windows 10 will be here sometime this summer", they said. I have known this was coming for a while. 

Surprise! Getting things set up on the bench this morning (6/1/15) and a strange new icon started showing up in the tray on several machines. I almost spilled my coffee when I rolled the mouse over one and saw an invite for Windows 10.