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As your technology and needs change so do my services.
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DYI Router

Wireless DYI Fixed

Latham 12210: Remote computer support resolves DYI wireless network upgrade woes $27.50

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Chrome crash side by side 1910 2015 09 11 2

Google Chrome Crashing Side by Side

Latham 12110: Remote computer support fixes issues causing Google Chrome to crash by side by side.   27.50

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rr password issue 1730 2015 09 16 2

Thunderbird Roadrunner Email Issues

Latham 12110:  Remote computer support resolves server password issue with Thunderbird Roadrunner email.   27.50

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 windows 7 startup repairData Recovery Attempted

Latham 12110 : Computer  repair. In shop data recovery attempted after power failure pushes failing hard drive over the edge. Valuable lesson about backups learned. Don't let this happen to you.

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PC accelerate Reimage attack

PC Accelerate, ReImage and More

Latham 12110: Remote computer support rescues new laptop from double whammy malware attack and more $110. Click here to see details.

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Memory issues found

Frequent Blue Screens of Death

Latham 12110: Computer repair In-shop, clean 400+ malware and virus, tune, troublshoots (and hopefully solve) memory issue, upgrade to Windows 10 and more, $165. See what else.

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slow typing

Windows 10 Upgrade Office Issues

Latham 12110 : Remote computer support resolves several Windows 10 upgrade issues, investigates AOL slow typing problem and more. $55.00

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Internet robbery stopped

Internet Robbery Stopped

Latham 12110 : Remote computer support thwarts Internet robbery. Then standard computer clean and tune repaired browser hijack, cleaned over 300 virus/malware and more for $165 

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Pop up madness latham ny 12110 1

Pop-up Madness Cured

Latham 12110 : Computer repair, in shop.  “I am calling”, she said, “because these pop-ups are driving me CRAZY”! And the pop-ups were the least of her problems. This one had to come in to the shop. Fixed them all, $243.50.

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Free Virus Scanner for Latham 12110 2

Virus Scanner Renewed and Updated

Latham 12110. Remote computer support installs Anti-Virus for long time client.  NO CHARGE.

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BSOD Crash Saved

Windows Won't Boot Problem Detected

Latham 12110: Computer repair. In shop. Windows would not boot after power failure. Hard drive was damaged. In shop service saved it all. $165

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Getting the Right Geek for the Job

When you are looking for the best buy in computer answers about your Latham home PC consider calling Amgeek. 

Nobody likes computer trouble. No, not even in Latham. Fortunately, in Latham, when you do need help with your computer, be it support or repair, one thing is clear: you have choices. So, in Latham, the key to getting the best computer help for you is finding the right geek for the job. Here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself before you reach for the phone to help you find the best answers.


Computer Support or Computer Repair

The first thing you need to know is weather you need computer support or computer repair. It is easy to confuse computer repair and computer support. Even Google lumps computer repair and computer support together. Just type “computer support Latham NY” in the search box and you likely to get results for “Computer repair Latham NY”. But computer repair and computer support can actually employ two completely different sets of skills.


Computer Repair

Is your computer physically damaged? Then you need computer repair. Today, with the intricacy and delicacy of modern miniaturized components, computer repair can require skills more akin to watchmaking than those of software engineer. Aside from an occasional hard drive or power supply replacement most “computer repairs” involve the replacement of display screens or internal circuit boards or power jacks. These types of computer repairs can easily cost more than the device is worth, especially if the computer is more than a couple of years old. You are often better off finding some who can salvage your data and transfer it to a new device.


Computer Support

If, however, your computer is slow or if your computer is just running poorly. If your email is stuck or Yahoo won't work, Facebook won't load or you can't sign into your bank or you've caught the latest computer virus or malware, you don't need computer repair, you need computer support. If it is not broken but you still can't use need computer support.


IT or Geek
Is it Business or Personal

Where is this computer? What is it used for? Is your computer used in the Latham of a large corporation, networked with 10 or more other computers? If so, you need an IT company. They excel at serving large businesses with highly specialized systems and where users are tightly controlled because lost time can cause major drops in production and revenue. IT companies can charge hundreds of dollars an hour and for bigger businesses, can be well worth every penny.


Some geeks work for big box stores
A few are with the mob
Some of us are really neat
But most of us are slobs


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Is your computer is used mostly at home or in a very small business. Most IT pros won't willingly stoop to support personal computers. Personal computer problems are tougher and the pay is less. Frankly, real IT pros often don't have the time, patience or skills to properly support the “wild side” - personal and small business computers. You need a geek. Geeks can be great at giving the personalized support that home and very small business computer users need.


Finding the Right Geek for the Job
Now it is Time to Choose Who

From Latham you can call out of towners like Best Buy, large chains like Staples, local chains and like Computer Renaissance  , conglomerates like the Hitmen and a few independent geeks like me, Amgeek. Yep, in Latham when you need a computer repair or support you can call in the“Squad”, contract with the “Mob” or engage your very own personal geek.


A Word From Our Sponsor
You Knew That Was Coming

Hi, my name is Ed, also known and Amgeek. I am a one man computer support shop that specializes in providing truly personl support. Many of the computer users I support live and work in Latham. I am actually located in Latham. Most of the computers I support in Latham I support remotely so your computer rarley has to come into the shop. Still, I am conveniently located right in Latham so the occasional “trip to the shop” is still fairly convenient.

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Making Windows Great
Its What I do

I support desktop and laptop computers running Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and to a lesser extent support those with Linux and Apple software. I also support (but not repair) Smartphones and tablets, especially those running Android. I help people in Latham, and elsewhere, make better use of their computers, the Internet and search engines for both business and pleasure.

So now it is up to you Latham. You have to to pick support or repair and the right geek for the right job: be it a “Squad” , the “Mob” or just a... ummm...geek :)

You know who gets my vote.

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