When good computers go bad in albany


Albany Area Computer Repair

Why is it so hard to find a good Geek ?


Every wonder why it is so hard to find a good repair service for your personal computer?

As a technician for over 15 years, I can tell you it is because personal computers can really "challenge" a tech's patience and ability. Often, not only does the computer need repair but the people who use it need help as well.

Personal computers have to hold up, perform under and submit to the "personal modifications" of everyone from little Johnnie and his space invaders, to Susie on Facebook, from mom's Groupon, to pop's porn and from granny's Pogo to God only knows what. All on the same machine. When a personal computer gets sick it can get very SICK!

Business computers, on the other hand, usually only have one user to cope with, a few documents, an occasional spreadsheet, a database or two and maybe a little tightly controlled surfing. Business computers live comparatively easy lives and are generally more straightforward to repair.

So it is easy to see why eventually, most really good techs give up on their "personal" clients and move up to the 'tamer' and often more "lucrative" business end of the trade.

Call me crazy, but I love "Personal" and I plan to stay right here!

That is probably why I have clients throughout the Capital District and beyond. I work with most of them "remotely" so it doesn't matter if they're in Latham, Albany, or Albuquerque (yes - I have clients in Albuquerque). As long as we can both get on the Internet we are really just a few mouse clicks apart.

Of course, there are times when I need to "put my hands on the machine". Admittedly that can be challenging if I am repairing a computer in Albuquerque. But, Albany and Latham are neighbors. When "remote" won't work here, it's easy for you to bring your computer in or even (on rare occasions) for me to come to you.

So if you have a personal computer that needs repair (or you need help with your personal computer) and you don't know who to call...

Try AmGeek. The Albany area's own truly personal computer repair service. 518-783-1000