Turn Off Your Virus Scanner

While working a recent case of a Constipated Outbox in Vista/Windows Live e-mail it was suggested that the best cure was to turn off the virus scanner's e-mail scanning function. Could that be right? I have never heard of such a thing. If it is, I really need to know since I frequently install virus scanners on Vista.

I figure that I had better get a few more opinions to confirm that. I probably should especially check with Avast on that one. By the way, the article does recommend Avast as a free alternative virus scanner - as long as the e-mail functions are turned off. The article was also written over a year ago - in early 2007, so before I follow that advice completely I am going to check with Avast to see if the problem has be handled in any of their recent updates and what they suggest concerning the e-mail scanner.


To the Avast Forum



I had a problem with a Windows Vista machine, running Windows Mail, mainly I was unable to delete certain e-mails. Upon researching the problem I came across a suggestion that the problem may be caused by the e-mail scanning function of my anti-virus (avast) and that I should disable its (avast) e-mail scanner for both incoming and outgoing email.

Should I?

Here is a link and a quote


According to the forum

1. Make sure your antivirus or any other security programs have all of their email scanning options turned off. The email scaning option is a redundant feature.

NOTE: These scanning options can corrupt Windows Mail entire message folder, or the entire message store, when it attempts to remove a message it thinks contains a potential virus. You will still be protected against infection with the antivirus program's system protection. These email scans can also cause problems with opening attachments in Windows Mail to.



Response from the Avast support forum was quick and less than convincing. One for and one against disabling the e-mail scanners, against seeming to carry more, but not decisive, authority. So, I started a “Ticket” with Avast technical support proper.