1214 vista repair research.

Trying to recover a crashed Vista system. Can't get to desktop on multi-user machine.

Was never able to salvage system Vista will not overlay as XP did so had to reinstall OS, Office and other programs, re-do user accounts and copy their data from salvaged drive.

Wish I could have saved it but ran out of time. Had to fix it best I could and send it home.

Anyone come up with a good way to overlay Vista, let me know. Also, any additional tips on using mini and memory dump files, and event logs in to troubleshoot similar situations would be most helpful.

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Turn Off Your Virus Scanner

While working a recent case of a Constipated Outbox in Vista/Windows Live e-mail it was suggested that the best cure was to turn off the virus scanner's e-mail scanning function. Could that be right? I have never heard of such a thing. If it is, I really need to know since I frequently install virus scanners on Vista.