The Back Room Door


Until you read the following

In days of old, so I've been told, neighbors might congregate around the cracker barrel at the local general store. Today places like that are hard to find and we don't have the time. What we do have are occasional minutes and the World Wide Web, over which, you have found your way here, so I guess that makes us cyber-neighbors.

While I might never invite you into my shop just to hang around and shoot the breeze (neither of us has time for that) you are welcome to kick around in here. Keep in mind that this is, after all, the "Back Room". As such don't be surprised to find it being used as a storage space for loose thoughts, half baked ideas, broken concepts, rants, raves, ramblings, and cluttered with not-yet-ready for prime time works in process. And, oh yes, a few places for neighbors, like you, to stop in from time to time and shoot the cyber-breeze.

All I ask is that you remember you are a guest in my place of business, so behave yourself accordingly. Be nice, keep it clean, no hard selling, swearing, biting or spitting and do try to get along with the other guests.

Welcome to the back room.